Sanvi Engineering Sdn Bhd
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Specialist Manpower Supply Services

  • Electrical Inspector / Engineer
  • Mechanical Inspector / Engineer
  • Coating Inspector
  • General Inspector
  • Welding Inspector / Engineer
  • Expediting Inspector
SANVI provides a comprehensive manpower supply. Recruiting individuals will be evaluating base on their discipline experience and client’s requirements. Therefore the numbers of personnel engaged are gone through deeper screening.

Scope of Services

We offers a wide range of Inspection Services for the industry such as Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas , Construction, Marine and others.

SANVI offers the following NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

- Ultrasonic Testing
- Magnetic Particle Testing
- Dye Penetrant Testing.

Although we support our various clients with multiple NDT Techniques, those above are most commonly NDT services offered independently on a project basis.

The object of the services rendered is:-

- To provide surface / sub-surface flaw detection without degrading / destructing the materials and its components being inspected.

Inspector, Quality Assurance / Quality Control and Third Party inspection.

The objects of the services rendered are:-

- To maintain strict control of construction & consumables used.
- Ensure approved WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) have been applied throughout project completion.
- Emphasize all the welders qualification requirements met the project specification.
- To oversee the weld preparation and design based on the approved drawing and specification.
- To minimize the repair works by conforming the design drawing, with engineering team and adhering the proactive supervision.
- Final compilation on all relevant documents, drawings and procedures for submission.

Nature of Business

Supply of competent personnel for below categories

1. Welding Inspection
2. Third (3rd ) Party Inspection
3. QA-QC Inspector
4. General Inspection
5. Mechanical Inspection
6. Painting Inspection
7. Electrical Inspection
8. Coating inspection